All Fished Out

1. When I was young I always hoped a woman I would find

To be my one and only and to join her life to mine

But all me efforts not withstanding, things have not worked out

For anywhere I threw me line in, it was all fished out


2. I tried out every angle and every kind of bait

But each potential wife got married or went interstate

They reckon luck is random but I’m starting to have me doubts

No matter where I cast me line in it's always all fished out


3. And I began to wonder how, and why, and whether

And if the atmosphere round me was drying up the weather

It's always green on the other side, but here it's always drought

And if the creek's not all dried up I find it's all fished out


4. I thought perhaps the problem was a fragile breaking strain

But I soon found out a heavy-gauge approach was all in vain

For it will not do any good if there's no fish about

So either I have scared 'em off or else they're all fished out


5. Abandoning the single line, I got meself a net

No more being choosy, I’ll take what I can get

I dragged the creeks and watering holes, I spread meself about

But still I came up empty, ‘cause everywhere’s fished out


6. I started seeking tips in all the latest magazines

Flies and hooks and decoys and what the whole thing means

But I only got bamboozled, I only got worn out

For no amount of knowledge helps if everywhere’s fished out