Dreamtime Rodeo

1. Old brother Bunyaburra and me was out on the red rock plains

Hunting the old-man kangaroo back when time began

We had tracked him for seven days or more and our tough old feet was torn and tore

Till we run him down to a dead-end gully none of us had ever seen before


2. Well this gully was long and the sides was high and it was open at one end

And that old roo was all the way in before he saw that steep dead-end

With a flick of his tail he turned about and Bunyaburra he give a shout

We better cut him off at the open end or he'll be off and running again


3. Old Bunyaburra was a tough galah and mad as an old cut snake

When that roo come busting and breaking through he jumped on the beggar's back

That gully was the world's first rodeo chute and away went Bunya in his birthday suit

I found meself getting left behind but I just hanged onto his tail in time


CHORUS: He was hopping and snorting we was hanging on tight and you shoulda seen us go

Down through the gullies and out on the plains where the wild willy-willies blow

We had no spurs but we stuck like burrs with our faces tucked in low

Good old brother Bunyaburra and me at the dreamtime rodeo


4. Well he bucked and he jumped and hopped and turned, trying to shake us clear

In twenty seconds flat I was out on my back with bells ringing in my ears

But Bunyaburra was a fighting man and he'd never say die till he got his man

And he clung to that old kangaroo like his tough old skin was made of glue


5. But Bunyaburra was getting tired and then he made a slip

The old roo propped then dropped his head and pretended that he tripped

And Bunya was tossed up in the air and like fly on fly-paper he stuck up there

Where all the other old legends are, he became the world's first rodeo star